Policy Information

Policy Information

Cancellation Policy:

To ensure available appointment times for our patient base, we require at least 48 hours prior notice to any change in appointment. You are welcome to text, call, leave a voicemail or email us if you need to alter your scheduled appointment. A missed appointment may be assessed an $85 fee. Arriving more than 15 minutes after the start of your scheduled appointment may result in a missed appointment fee. You may sign up for a courtesy text message reminder for your appointment to avoid missed appointments.

Shipping Policy

We can help ship your glasses. We have shipping costs that reflect the package size and amount you would like to insure. A waiver must be signed releasing Envision Optometry of all liabilities for loss and/or damages that may occur during transport. Damages include but are not limited to bending, breakage and theft.

Replacing lenses

Replacing lenses in an existing frame is possible. As frames age, they become more brittle over time. For that reason, we require a waiver acknowledging the risk of breaking at the lab and releasing Envision Optometry for liabilities for damages that may occur. This policy also applies to newly purchased frames brought in from outside of our clinic since we are not able to directly assist with the warranty process.

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