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Our motto is Excellence in Eyecare. We are confident that our quality and service will exceed your expectations. We provide the finest eyewear available in an unhurried and relaxed atmosphere. We take the time necessary to provide an exceptional level of service rarely found.

Envision Optometry provides a full range of professional optometric services including comprehensive eye examinations for patients of all ages, complete contact lens care, ocular pathology diagnosis and treatment, and laser refractive surgery management. We have one of the finest selections of eyewear in the Pacific Northwest. Envision Optometry provides quality products, unsurpassed service and a caring and knowledgeable staff. Your complete satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

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Q&A with Dr. Angela Lin about Digital Eye Strain
What can I do about Digital Eye Strain?

We can help! There are various eyeglass lenses and lens coatings for people of all ages to relieve digital eye strain and ease fatigue after extended reading or computer use. Lens treatments, such as anti-reflective and blue light blocking coatings, protect your eyes and increase comfort. We also prescribe many different types of contact lenses to reduce reading discomfort and make it easier to switch focus from near to far.

Does reading on my smart phone or tablet in the dark damage my eyes?

Reading from a tablet or smart phone in the dark is okay for your eyes, as long as it's not for a long period of time. There is good lighting from these devices, with good contrast. There is, however, blue light emitted from these devices. Blue light is a short wavelength light, with high energy that may cause damage to the structures of the eye if exposed for a long period of time. As well, studies have shown this blue light can disrupt melatonin production which is required for a healthy sleep cycle. Optometrists recommend limiting screen use during the last hour before bedtime.

I work all day on my computer. How can I reduce the strain to my eyes?

Usually we recommend that the height of the monitor should be level with the tip of your nose. The screen should be 26 - 30 inches away from your eyes. You can prevent glare from the screen and the harmful effects of blue light by wearing anti-glare lenses and blue light protection. In addition you should follow the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes of computer use, you should take a break for 20 seconds by looking at an object that is 20 feet away from you. If you feel that your eyes are suffering from computer use, please call to make an appointment so we can evaluate your condition.

More about Computer Eyestain
Dr. Angela Lin


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Eye Emergencies

If you experience loss of vision, double vision, swelling, infection or any eye emergency in Bellevue, contact us immediately for guidance. We’ll help you with the best treatment to prevent complications and promote long-lasting clear eyesight.

Please call our office at: 425-455-4602 for further instructions. Use your best judgment on urgency, if you feel the need to find the nearest emergency room.